19 Jan 2010

Vice: Nike/Vice True City Iphone App

Yes, yes I know, we're advertising, call us sell outs or what ever you like but before you judge us too harshly have a look at this interesting FREE I phone app made by Nike in conjunction with our friends Vice Magazine that could turn all though boring weekday nights/days around. Also a brief mention of other film based applications you may find useful
So here's the speal, and if you look below there is also some fancy video footage of what this handy little tool can do; Vice and Nike are embarking on a special collaboration to give you the ultimate guide to six European cities, including London, for Nike's new app, True City. Basically, it's a free guide to the city from people who should know where to go, updated regularly by Vice and Nike's city Insiders. Which is great news for you if you want to know where to drink after hours, play football with hundreds of people, eat the best chinese soft shelled crab, or buy grime white labels. You can gain pocket held access to all of this invaluable content, as well as inside information about upcoming events and product launches and the chance to upload your own content, by downloading the app for free. The best of the civilian contributors, as judged by the rest of the True City community, will even have an opportunity to become Nike Insiders themselves.


Download here: LINK

Screen Shots:
Some more info:

Also, if your lucky enough to have access to an I phone, check out the Free Flixster application. Not only dose it give you access to a library of film trailers to watch on your ipod/phone it also finds the cinema listing for all your local movie theatres, so no more searching each cinema separatley for film times. Pretty, pretty good.

Patrick Gamble


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