12 Feb 2011




19 Aug 2010

The Illusionist

Sylvain Chomet, the acclaimed director of the Oscar nominated The Triplets of Belleville is back with his second feature The Illusionist. In keeping with his previous effort this is another gloriously animated piece that harks back to the golden age of such Disney films as 101 Dalmations and The Aristocats.

Black Swawn Trailer

Normally new trailers just end up in our trailer page, however so high is our excitement about Darren Aronofskys latest film we thought it should take it's place here.

Following The Wrestler with a film about rival ballett dancers was always going to be seen as an odd next step, however rumour has it that this is no chick flick, and infact more of a pschological thriller. With Vincent Cassell staring alongside Natalie Portman Black Swan looks set to shine as this year Venice film festival opener

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is undoubtedly one of the most original and unique films you are likely to see this year. Far from the first comic book adaptation, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is one of the first films to capture that artistic style in a truly memorable way.

10 Greatest South Park Episodes by Matthew Kleebauer

Let’s face it, The Simpsons is shit now and has been for the best part of a decade, while South Park continues to get better and better. It’s officially the funniest show on TV, and with the 14th season just kicking off with the Tiger Woods themed premiere “Sexual Healing” is there ever going to be a better time to review the 10 greatest episodes? The answer to that is yes, obviously, when the show eventually finishes, but I’m at work and I’m bored so there you go. 

The Expendables

The Expendables, is described by many as the action movie to end all action movies. Marketing itself like some kind of Milk tray selection box aimed directly at men. With a cast including some real heavyweights both cinematically and literally joining an aging Stallone as his merry band of mercenaries we’re presented with an all or nothing mission to save a stereotypical South American Island from a formulaic dictator.

7 Aug 2010


One of possibly many more Inception reviews and articles. This one is from guest contributor Richard WIlliams

1 minute movie reviews: July

As well as the usual reviews we post from the various screenings we’re lucky enough to go to, from time to time we still like to part with our hard earned wages and enjoy the movies we weren’t fortunate to see for free. Here are some brief reviews of some of the delights July had to offer. Including White Material, L’affaire Farewell, Tetro, Heartbreaker and Toy Story 3.

Breaking Bad

From the premiere of The Sopranos in 1999 up until the climax of The Wire in 2008, HBO ruled the American airwaves with a seemingly never-ending stream of hit shows. However since these, the two most critically-acclaimed shows in TV history, have ceased to exist, a young upstart named AMC has stolen some of its thunder, and the attention of the mainstream press to boot.

6 Aug 2010

New Trailers

We now have brand new teasers up on our trailer page for some of our most anticipated future releases. Included is the Guillermo Del Toro produced horror Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, which if The Orphanage was anything to go by should have us all hiding behind the seat in front. 

Also up are new features from controversial director Gasper Noe (Irreversible) and South Koreas answer to Steven Spielberg, Joon-ho Bong, Mother and Enter the Void.

Still available are future releases from Studio Ghibli (The Borrowers), Sofia Coppola (Somewhere) and Disneys exciting looking, Daft Punk scored sequel to Tron, as well as The Town, The Illusionist and many more.