15 Jan 2010

Kids go free! : Alvin and the Chipmunks. Reviewd for the kids by the kids

Someone once said never work with children or animals. But they never said anything about getting kids to review films based on animals.

Somewhere along the line someone came up with the amazing idea to make a sequel to one of the most forgettable films of the last decade Alvin and the Chipmunks . The same bright person must have also have come up with the genius idea of calling it a ‘squeakquel’. Funny no ? Well make the most of it because its the closest you’ll come to laughing all the way through.  But why I hear you ask did the writer of such an eclectic blog as this, go and watch what can only be described as padding for the Christmas film market? Well friends the reason is simple, I recently took a quick four day jaunt to the old US of A, as you do, but this wasn’t one of my many jet setting adventures (I wish)it was in fact for my wee sisters birthday party, an event full off sugar fuelled pre schoolers let loose in a dance hall.  The next day though, after a classic American breakfast of pancakes and eggs we noticed the new cinema in my Dads little American town, a fascinating little building stuck between a nail salon and a diner. Realising that the younguns hadn’t been to a cinema before we decided it would be a nice birthday treat for young Isabel to go see a film. Unfortunately this was the only age appropriate film showing. Instead of me bitching and moaning about having to put myself through such drivel though I decided to interview the two members of the audience this film was aimed at, namely young Charley Gamble (5) and Isabel Gamble(3).  

So did you enjoy the film?
Charley: Yes, It was funny. I like popcorn
Isabel:  I didn’t enjoy anything about it.
What (if anything) did you enjoy most about it?
Charley: I liked the girl chipmunks, they were pretty and dancers.
Charley can you remember any of their names?
Charley: umm..... Alvin?
No they were the boy ones
Charley: Oh no. But they danced like pretty ballerinas
Isabel:  I didn’t like anything about it
What about David Cross, the baddy, did you find him convincing, scary or at all interesting?
Charley: He was silly, I didn’t like him, and he couldn’t dance very well
Isabel: I didn’t like him, he was mean and stupid
Would you recommend this film to your friends at school?
Charley: Yes my friend Cerry likes chipmunks, she has a chipmunk shirt, i have a bunny shirt.
 Isabel: No, I like Spongebob, I have spongebob sheets for my birthday
Charley: Can I sleep in your bed tonight Isabel?
Isabel:  Okay
Who was your favourite Chipmunk?
Charley: I like the main girl chipmunk she was pretty
What made her prettier than the other girl chipmunks?
Charley: ummm.... she had a pretty pink dress
Isabel: I liked Alvin he was funny sometimes, but not funny, I liked Theodore he was cute
What score would you give the film out of ten?
Charley: 7
Didn’t you ask to leave halfway through? Do you think 7’s a bit high?
Charley: no
Isabel: I’m 3*
*please note Isabel score may be a reflection on her just turning three and not an actual evaluation of the film, however i find it quite apt, and it’s the same as the IMDB rating so far, so perhaps little Isabel knows more than she’s letting on.
Patrick Gamble
Guests: Charley Grace Gamble, Isabel Clare Gamble 
And good luck to Our Town Cinema in Davidson, really a very lovely little cinema in a very lovely town. 


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