24 Feb 2010


Situated at the foothills of the Pyrenees Lourdes is a small market town made famous for the reported apparition of the Virgin Mary to a young peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous that supposedly occurred in 1858. The apparition is reported to have appeared a total of eighteen times to Bernadette and since then the site has become the most frequented pilgrimage sight for Roman Catholics due to the alleged 'miraculous healings' that has occurred at the sight. Even to this day the small population of Lourdes still sees up to 5 million pilgrims a year come from miles in hope of witnessing something extraordinary, but can the same be said of this low budget, French film?

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19 Feb 2010

Life During Wartime - Todd Solondz

Release date is 23rd April, so its way ahead of time, but here is Life During Wartime review. Good wholesome fun for all the family.

18 Feb 2010

Everybody's Fine

The idea that movies are often sold to audiences as one thing, quite separate from the actual tone or plot of a film, is hardly new but the practice really hits a low with Everybody’s Fine. A study of a widowed father, Frank Goode (Robert De Niro) trying to re-connect with his adult children, it is an average film at best, but Miramax clearly had the least faith in it of all, marketing it as a wacky road-movie comedy. The poster for the film, which is an abomination, suggests a light-hearted, Meet-the-Parents style romp.

15 Feb 2010

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart – My Top 5 Romantic Movies

“Well yeah, I'm sad, but at the same time I'm really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It's like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I'm feeling is like a, beautiful sadness. I guess that sounds stupid”

Leopold “Butters” Stotch – South Park

11 Feb 2010

The Wolfman

The roots of The Wolfman are all American. Directed by little-used Texan Joe Johnston (with previous credits including Hidalgo and Jurassic Park III), scripted by Andrew Kevin Walker (the imagination behind the more twisted, realistic horrors of Seven) and starring and co-produced by celebrated actor Benicio Del Toro, it is therefore refreshing to find that the film taps into a particularly English vein of horror film and is closest in spirit to films like Witchfinder General or the Hammer Horror series.

5 Feb 2010

LastSite TV - David Lynch Adverts

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LSOTL: As featured on the LAMB (The Large Association of Movie Blogs)

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4 Feb 2010


It seems strange that in his twilight years, Clint Eastwood has made some of the most challenging and even shocking films of his career. Whether it's taking on the uncomfortable subject matter of Mystic River and ringing star performances out of Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon or playing light with his own screen image to portray the gnarled racist Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino, Eastwood has shown no inclination to slip out the back door gracefully. It's even more surprising then that given the canvass of a new-born South Africa and all its attendant racial and social tensions, he has made his gentlest and safest film in years, and yet the most disappointing.

2 Feb 2010

Swansea Love Story

VBS.TV, the broadcast arm of Vice Magazine, will  release Swansea Love Story (part of the Rule Britannia series) in 6 episodes from the 12th February.


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1 Feb 2010

LastSite TV - Not Squares - Asylum

As part of our continuing atempt to bring more media to LastSite here is the video for the debut single by Belfasts fast rising disco-punks Not Squares. Shot at Ad Hoc Studios Belfast and produced by Bright Stern productions. Directed by Andrew wood