26 Jan 2010


Matthew Kleebauer, a man who grew up suckling on the film teets of James Cameron gives his review of the countless award winning and box office record breaker Avatar.

Edge Of Darkness

 Released this weekend, can Mel Gibson carry a film after seven years out of the acting game to concentrate on being on the otherside of the lens?

Michael Mann: Public Enemies

God I love Michael Mann. I just added Public Enemies to my Amazon shopping basket, and I’m so excited about seeing it on Blu Ray that I felt the need to pay my respects to London Film Schools’ finest alumnus. 

22 Jan 2010

LastSiteTV - Noam Chomsky (VBS TV)

Thanks to Vice for giving us this little treat to share with you. This, our first full length video to be screened on LastSite is a rather interesting interview with Noam Chomsky.  Often considered as one of the most notable figures in contemporary philosophy, Chomsky is most revered for his work as a political activist.  In this interview by Kate Albright-Hanna he discusses everything from his team up with the band Bad Religion to the potential dangers of ‘Obama’s Army’.
Watch it here.....

19 Jan 2010

How Avatar Won The Golden Globe For Best Picture

That's right, another angry Avatar post...............

Vice: Nike/Vice True City Iphone App

Yes, yes I know, we're advertising, call us sell outs or what ever you like but before you judge us too harshly have a look at this interesting FREE I phone app made by Nike in conjunction with our friends Vice Magazine that could turn all though boring weekday nights/days around. Also a brief mention of other film based applications you may find useful

You Know How I Love Money – My Five Favourite Christopher Walken Performances

Christopher Walken is a God. It is impossible to love films and not love him, since the early 70s he has cast a huge shadow over the landscape of American film, working with some of the finest actors and directors in the world in helping to create some of the most iconic moments in movie history. In spite of the almost universal acclaim and affection towards him, he never seems to be mentioned in the same breath as De Niro, Pacino, Brando, Newman and the other great screen actors of the last century. His idiosyncratic nature and bizarre appearance means he rarely gets the choicest roles, a fact I lamented when reviewing King Of New York, and is often relegated to a mere supporting character beneath far inferior actors. In spite of this fact though, he has still been responsible for some of my favourite performances of all time, and so, because I’ve nothing better to do, here is my Christopher Walken top 5.

16 Jan 2010

Sneak Peak; More to look forward to in 2010

With Spring still looking like being miles away, here are a few more future films to stoke up the excitement levels and keep you going through the last few weeks of winter.

Sunrise (1927)

A look back at one of the most highly rated pieces from the silent movie era to celebrate its reissue on DVD and BluRay.

15 Jan 2010

Kids go free! : Alvin and the Chipmunks. Reviewd for the kids by the kids

Someone once said never work with children or animals. But they never said anything about getting kids to review films based on animals.


Studio Ghiblis back! And after the disapointment of Tales from the Earthsea can Miyazaki bring the Ghibli boat back on course?

Pardon My Zinger - The 10 Greatest Simpsons Episodes Ever

With Amerca's longest running show reaching its 20th anniversary our specialist in all things simpsons, Matthew Kleebauer has compiled his top ten list

14 Jan 2010

Apparently we review comic books now!: The Dark Knight Returns

Now that it looks abundantly clear that Avatar is destined to become the most successful film of all time (I’m still trying to control my rage enough to articulate how disappointed I was with it, but will post something soon enough), my thoughts turn to another film that came close to usurping Titanic as the all-time box office champion, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

13 Jan 2010

The Vice Guide To Liberia

From the 19th of January Vice will be releasing its hour long documentary (Eight parts over eight days) on life in Liberia following the 14 years of civil war that have left the country in ruins.

7 Jan 2010

All Tomorrows Parties: The Film

Remember sitting at home, making mix tapes for a friend or girl who took your fancy? Remeber sitting there wondering how amazing it be to see all these bands play at one festival, but then realising to your dismay that most festivals boil down to watching the current 'NME' hit parade whilst being surrounded by lager advertisments and mud covered teenagers desperate to make it look like the legal high they payed over the odds for actually works.

Limits Of Control

To say Jim Jarmusch is a filmmaker who defies cinematic traditions would be something of an understatement. After winning the Camera D’Or (Best First Film) at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival with his self-defined “hipster comedy” Stranger Than Paradise, he has gone on to create a body of work as unique as anyone working in American independent cinema.