19 Aug 2010

Black Swawn Trailer

Normally new trailers just end up in our trailer page, however so high is our excitement about Darren Aronofskys latest film we thought it should take it's place here.

Following The Wrestler with a film about rival ballett dancers was always going to be seen as an odd next step, however rumour has it that this is no chick flick, and infact more of a pschological thriller. With Vincent Cassell staring alongside Natalie Portman Black Swan looks set to shine as this year Venice film festival opener


  1. Looks good. I just hope it doesn't pull any lame exteriorised subconscious 'oh they're the same person' kind of twist. That would suck right? Mila Kunis is made up to look an awful lot like an 'overtly' sexual reaction to Portman's icy, worried repression in this trailer. I hope it doesn't do that, if it does i called it and it is lame.
    I'm still pretty undecided about Aronofsky. The wrestler was good, requiem for a dream is pretty awful and PI was alright.

  2. looking back Requiem is mostly style over substance but i wouldn't call it awful. Wrestler was hyped more than it was due, although i did like it. However I loved the fountain, although i think i'm in a minority there.

    Vincent Cassel though, surely that bodes well