26 Nov 2009

Lego Trailers

I remember growing up in a time when games consoles weren’t such an affordable luxury, but instead a symbol of prosperity. Owning a NES or a Sega Master-system normally meant your house had at least two bathrooms and one or both of your parents earned well above the minimum wage. If not then I hate to break it to you but… yours was probably nicked!

For those of us who could only dream of playing Super Mario, we had to use our imagination, playing with Woolworths own brand Transformers and most importantly Lego. Each year I’d get a new spaceship to construct, my dad would sit and watch as I meticulously followed the instruction, dreaming that one day his son would be a great engineer, or at least a mechanic. His disappointment is still apparent to this day. If I’d known though that I could off combined my love of cinema with my childhood toy of choice then who knows where I’d be now.
Below is a pick of the latest ‘Lego’ trailers for some of the most popular films of current time. Nerdy? Yes, Sad? Definitely, but still very entertaining.

Patrick Gamble

The Dark Knight:

Reservoir Dogs:

Inglorious Basterds:


Iron Man:

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